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“The best Campfire chat client for Windows 8”

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“Great looking Campfire client for Windows 8+”

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“Gorgeous Campfire experience for Windows 8”

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It only takes a Spark

Spark is a modern, full-featured, fast and beautiful client for 37signals Campfire chat designed to let you do what you need and get out of your way.

Advanced Notifications

Too much noise in some rooms? Missing important messages? We've got you covered.

Spark - Advanced notifications

Deep Windows Integration

  • Pin rooms to start and get live notifications straight to your start screen!
  • Send messages to your Campfire rooms from other apps via share contract
  • Roaming and backgrounding support
Spark - pin room to start

And Much More ...

  • Fast and intuitive interface — works great in snapped mode
  • Advanced notifications settings (sound, live tiles, toast, unread counters) — customizable per room level and per each keyword
  • Upload multiple files at once, paste files from clipboard or take and upload photo using camera
  • Inline previewing of images — whether from uploads, image links, or from a number of other sites (YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Imgur, Twitpic, 9 GAG and many more)
  • Support for multiple Campfire accounts
  • Highlights any messages that mention you
  • Favorite rooms
  • Full emoji and Campfire sounds support and autocomplete
  • Built-in search and transcripts support
  • Shows user avatars
  • Customizable time zones
  • Ignore enter/leave messages
  • Real time streaming of messages for instant notifications

Spark up your Campfire on Windows

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